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i-JAZZ Bluetooth Earphone

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These Bluetooth earbuds come with state-of-the-art technology, providing an outstanding HD stereo sound quality for an enhanced experience



Undeniably, music is the universal language. It speaks in rhymes and rhythms that transcend differences to unite the masses and create memories. People young, old, and all ages in between nod their heads to reverberating beats and sway to smooth grooves. We snap our fingers to catchy tunes and whistle when we are happy. Music is life, and every life has a soundtrack. Every song has a heartbeat. The premium products of i-Jazz bring your song’s heartbeat to life! We pride ourselves on shaping the background sounds of your daily adventures. Whether on a run through the park or throwing a house party, our superior electronics enhance your listening pleasure for a fraction of the cost.


In 2017, passion and creativity joined forces in Singapore to create and launch i-Jazz. We are more than just engineers, developers, researchers, and retailers who chose to collaborate. We are dreamers! Our ears are in tune with the world’s movers, shakers, and influencers. A love for simplicity, quality, memorable experiences, and, of course, music connects us. Our goal: Provide unmatched products that create unforgettable experiences. We combine innovation and teamwork to produce stylish and reliable electronics. Are you in need of wireless earbuds that will hold their charge during those long international flights? How about a speaker to add a little fun to your dull study time? Surely, you need hands-free talking while making magic in the kitchen! Whatever your need, i-Jazz is your source!


Our products are developed with your wants, needs, and pockets in mind. Why should you have to break the bank to achieve audio excellence? With i-Jazz you don’t have to! We are better than the rest, because we create affordable excellence. With us, you never have to compromise on quality or style. Ours electronics are designed to be heard and seen. You also won’t have to waste time finding us! Our headphones and speakers are conveniently made available to you on the top online purchasing platforms. Shop with us at Amazon, WalMart, or eBay! 


At i-Jazz, we pride ourselves on delivering comfort, simplicity, and freedom. We make life sound better! Our team provides high-quality electronics at costs below that of our competitors to ensure that your life’s soundtrack doesn’t miss a beat! Every song has a heartbeat, and our products bring your song’s heartbeat to life.



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